The Legend of Leigh Bowery (2002)  83 minutes
directed by Charles Atlas

Screen on Saturday, March 21, 2020
presented by Stephen Magner & René Meyer-Grimberg
doors at 7:00pm, film at 7:30pm

March’s Screen will take place at Fresh Oysters Performance Research in Minneapolis.

Stephen and René say:

“Filmmaker Charles Atlas documents the life and work of Bowery, up to his AIDS-related death in 1994. Part fashion designer, part performance artist, part promoter, Leigh Bowery is a singular creation of his own making. An imposing-looking man even without his often startling, always outrageous costuming, the Australian-born Bowery becomes a legend of the London club and underground art scenes in the 1980s. The film features archival footage and interviews with Bowery’s family and friends.”

Stephen and René ask:

Would Bowery impress or revolt us today?
Has Bowery passed the baton to any contemporary artist?
What inspired Bowery?
Fashion designer, performance artist, promoter, model… or contemporary artist?