Created by Charles Campbell, September-October 2007

Sound and Video: Ellie Lynch
Construction: Willis Bowman
Lighting: John Bueche

Notes on Strange Love (Performance):
Created at a point when the abuses of power and violence in a society manipulated by fear seemed most ingrained, and performed in the basement of an old coffin factory.

The cliché that a solo performance is never the work of just one person is also true of the violence of our culture of fear. Although I get a warm rancid pleasure from blaming certain individuals, it does not answer the questions: What allows these miseries to repeat again and again? What is our part in this recycling drama? At what moment does the possibility of change occur?

“I Have Had Enough. I Am Leaving This Painting.”
–Tadeusz Kantor (1988).

To better embody the themes of repetition, responsibility, and the body as archive, I asked different artists to come and interrupt a performance with their own material, disrupting the regular flow of a scripted performance. I had little or no knowledge of what they would do. Every night was a different interruption by a different artist. It was up to me to improvise my way back to my performance beginning at the end of theirs. These artists were: Laurie Van Wieren, Marcus Young, Anna Marie Shogren, The BodyCartography Project, Eleanor Savage, Jim Bovino, Hijack, Nautilus Music-Theater, Don Mabley-Allen, Rebecca Yoho, Barbara Meyer, Judith Howard, Heidi Eckwall, Cherri Macht, and Justin Jones.