Created by Gülgün Kayim, April-May 2006.
Set construction: Willis Bowman
Assistance: Nick Howard
Costume & Puppets: Nathan Christopher
Lighting: Owen Moldow
Sound: Angela Sylvester
Performers: Charles Campbell, Nathan Christopher, Tyson Forbes, Katie Kaufmann, Cherri Macht, Megan Odell, Vanessa Voskuil

Text included excerpts from:
Bruno Schulz Street of Crocodiles and Sanatorium under the Sign of the Hourglass
The Brothers Grimm’s Rumpelstiltskin

Notes on The Hidden Room:

Based on the life and art of Jewish/Ukrainian artist, author and holocaust victim, Bruno Schulz, The Hidden Room intertwined aspects of Schulz’s life and death with his surrealistic drawings and writings. The performance evoked the many layered stories that are Schulz’s life and imagination through movement, imagery and the highly stylized manipulation of objects and puppets.