Cubicle2 (2010-2011) was the second our series of online-specific curated creations. Exploring the intersection of identity and the internet, this season invited artists to explore site-based work with the internet as a virtual site. Click on an image to view that episode.

Project lead: Charles Campbell

CUBICLE2 Artists:
Avye Alexandres: Anamorph Aether; a quintessent collage
Jaime Carrera & Tyler Jensen: Interface
Elliott Durko Lynch: Overture, New Material; Live Feed DVD
Noah Keesecker: Flowers for Algorithm
Sean Kelley-Pegg: Decoy
Ben McGinley: Tabs
Kevin Obsatz: Polygon
Garrett Tiedemann: The Disappearance of M
Angela Regas: Self-Portrait/Looking For Love
Craig VanDerSchaegen: Captured and Left Behind

Click on the images for the videos.