Still Life Over Time Decoy Odysseia Crucible Works and Days envelop(e) illegal risk to Daisy\'s Dilemma Work
Cubicle (2009-2010) was Skewed Visions’ series of podcasts meant to be watched while at work. Each month a different artist created a new episode. In addition to exploring issues of the contemporary work place (or non-place), this series invited artists to explore site-based work with the internet as a virtual site.

Project lead: Charles Campbell

Season One Artists:

Charles Campbell: Still Life, or When You’re Away the Walls Speak Your Name
Megan Mayer: Over Time
Krista Kelley Walsh: The Survival Skills of Odysseia
Michael Sommers: The Crucible: A Cubicle
Kevin Obsatz: The Works and Days of Hands
Rachel Perlmeter: envelop(e)
Jeremey Catterton: illegal risk to existential benefit ratio
Robert Hammel: Daisy’s Dilemma
Laurie Van Wieren: Work