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Back when we began in 1996, it looked like becoming a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization was the best and only way to make possible what we imagined. It wasn’t long before we discovered the central conflict: to sustain the organization, we would need to spend much more time, energy and money on building administrative infrastructure. But to build and maintain this infrastructure we would need to submit our imagination to the possibilities this structure demanded.
In the end, we did become a 501(c)3 nonprofit, but a very small and flexible one. We are an organization that functions more like an individual artist — taking opportunities where they occur and making them for ourselves where they don’t. Our general operating budget covers rent, insurance, and a few other basics.
Without relying on big money or foundations, we can do what needs to be done with your help. So please consider joining the club that hates clubs, the organization that resists itself, the idea that won’t die no matter how many tombstones cross its path.
Plus, as a member you get super-major discounts to performances and events. You are the ones curating Screen and Notes events. You also get a personalized membership card with your choice of image from one of our past works on the front. But as maybe you’ve guessed, we’re not about the Totebag Culture. It’s not about the swag — unless the swag is that thing you find the next morning in the bottom of your pocket, the intangible knowledge of the experience of being a part of this, the tiny reminder that gets stuck in your brain like an ear worm, the whispered reminder of everything, everything in this world.