Skewed Visions fosters rigorous, innovative, thoughtful artistic practice to open possibilities for questioning the way things are. We believe that any place can become a theatrical space. Our mission is to impact the “landscape of daily life.”

Skewed Visions is also dedicated to expanding notions of performance through interdisciplinary collaboration as well as artist and audience education and development.

Skewed Visions was founded in 1996 by Charles Campbell, Gülgün Kayim and Sean Kelley-Pegg.


  • Three artistic co-founders,
  • Original works combine participants + environments + experiences,
  • Three 3PLAY artists per presentation,
  • Petri Dish combines an artwork + gathering + discussion
The theater is neither a set of facilities nor a building. It is the ideology of a place where dramatic encounters are created. Any place can become a theatrical space. At the same time, if no drama develops there, a theater may simply become part of the landscape of daily life. Those of us who consider ourselves dramatists take it as crucial to be able to organize our imaginations in such a way as to change any location into a theater. . . to reflect upon theater is to reflect upon the city.

–SHUJI TERAYAMA “Manifesto” The Drama Review, December 1975