Skewed Visions Membership

As part of our ongoing efforts to facilitate and support an ongoing conversation about art, we have incorporated membership to help support our programming. In fact, our entire general operating budget could be covered by less than 350 such members. Join or renew now because…Skewed Visions.

You can join or renew at our GiveMN page or using the box below. We also have installment plans if $35 is too much at once. Come on in!

For only $35 a year a Skewed Visions Membership will get you:
Free entry to (and advance notification of):
Screen – a monthly series of artist-curated film showings and discussions
How Dare You! – a monthly gathering to openly talk about others’ work on neutral ground
Notes – a new monthly artist-curated music listening and discussion series
Book Talk – a series of discussion on readings relevant to contemporary arts practice

Skewed Visions members choose films to watch at Screen, sound to listen to at Notes, books to read for Book Talk, and shows to watch for How Dare You!

Discounted admission to all performances including:
3-play – a three-times yearly evening of short performance works curated by Skewed Visions

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