Spring Party

Like a slumber party, but without the slumber. Every spring we will celebrate your membership or help you become a member. Come again next year!

At May 2014’s party we celebrated our 17th year (more or less) and hosted new performance work by:

Jennifer Arave
Emma Barber
Hannah Holman and Emily Dussault
Mad King Thomas
Salt (Lick & Wood) Grain (Paul Stucker and Peter Lincoln Rusk)
Justin Spooner
Laurie van Wieren

Also, because we like artists, we asked local artists to play whatever they want as DJs, so we heard the musical tastes of:

Elliott Durko Lynch
Mike Hallenbeck
Megan Mayer
Laurie Van Wieren

Plus we had foods and beverages in the best Skewed Visions tradition. Things to drink, people to see, art to experience, and good deeds to be done. Come again next year!

Skewed Visions membership gets you in free or at deep discounts to all Skewed Visions events, plus you help us survive. Plus it’s only $35 a year. Plus we do installment plans. $35 to become a member (we can do installments!)

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