Created by Kevin Obsatz.

Any virtual environment such as World of Warcraft or Second Life is conceived of and rendered by computer programs as an array of polygonal shapes that merge to represent the three-dimensional surfaces of the landscape. The more complex the environment, the smaller the polygons, and the more there are.

“Polygon” depicts a mundane experience in the real world – a simple walk around the non-quadrilateral block where the artist lives – as an infinitely fractal, organic experience… which is subsequently filtered through the intensely reductive algorithms of video compression for presentation online.

It is both a study in contrasts and an experiment, to see how much of the organic experience survives the translation.

Kevin Obsatz is a film and video artist living in Minneapolis who works in a range of time-based media, including multi-source video installation and hand-processed black and white 16mm film. More of his work can be found at www.videohaiku.com

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