Created by Jaime Carrera and Tyler Jensen.

This film is not autobiographical. It does not judge nor condone. It is based on the real life collective experiences of various close friends. When it comes to the internet, there are very unique & specific circumstances that have become the exclusive property of homosexual men…for better or worse. This film is a humorous nod to those situations. It leaves the options open to interpretation and the decisions to those who live it.

Jaime Carrera is a dishwasher at Chowgirls Killer Catering. He also dabbles in photography, music, film & performance. Jaime is in the midst of curating his first show Peligro at Patrick’s Cabaret. He lives in Powderhorn with his boyfriend Nick and his cats Henri & Roxie.

Tyler Jensen is a filmmaker out of NE Minneapolis. He lives with his boyfriend, Seth and their dog, Moose. He’s terrified of public spelling. He is currently at working making 30 Films in 30 Days.

You will need to decide for yourself where you are comfortable watching this episode.

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