The Lost Bits

If you found an iPod Touch, with someone’s personal information on it, what would you do?

The Lost Bits is a work created using material found online and narrated by people with false identities.  It’s a site-specific work for the Cedar Lake bike trail between Lake Calhoun and downtown Minneapolis. From your smartphone, download the free SCVNGR app and get your bike to the Rustica bakery in the Calhoun Village parking lot. When there, open the app and search for “The Lost Bits Bike Trail.”

The whole adventure is about 3 miles one way. Get out of your cubicle, and go at your own pace.

Sean Kelley-Pegg is a founding member of Skewed Visions.  He is currently working on a number of smartphone-based performances over the course of the next few years.

Please click the link below to support the work of this season’s Cubicle artists. Thank you.
Other episodes are available here.

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