The Disappearance of M

Created by Garrett D. Tiedemann, April 2011.

“end space
wrapped noise


reaching toward assurances
out-sheltered in dust



The elusive images of The Disappearance of M suggest a play between presence and absence that tie directly into our contemporary symbiosis with the internet. Intimately connected with the material action of reading and writing, Tiedemann’s eerie work plays with the cultural significance of language as conveyance of culture in the age of the virtual. The Disappearance of M reflects on the nature of presence and representation in the space of time it takes to check our email.

Garrett D. Tiedemann is an artist of many disciplines with specialties in film and music. His work has been seen around the world in galleries, theaters and on the internet. He currently resides in the United States. For more information go to The soundtrack from The Disappearance if M is available here.

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