Created by Ben McGinley, March 2011. This episode is best viewed at full screen size.

The internet is a total wankfest for information junkies and control freaks and, well, just freaks; was one of the first websites I ever bookmarked.  The internet opened a Pandora’s box for the freaks and taboo-ists out there – much to our liking.  The internet gave us the opportunity to do/see the things that we only hear about. The encyclopedia tells us all about nitrogen, South Hampton, volcanoes, but it does not give the eerily intimate account of what the human body encounters when engaged with a freight train like the internet does.

Ben McGinley is a video artist that directs, shoots, and edits video projects for promotion, projection design, festivals, and money.  He enjoys dance, the internet, serial television, and cooking without recipes.  Currently he is assistant editor for a reality t.v. show about snowmobile racing.

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