Self-Portrait/Looking For Love

Created by Angela Regas

I require constant proof of my existence. My own experience isn’t enough; I must be part of someone else’s experience. Yours. Proof requires witnesses. And so it is here, in this bodiless space online, where I am the most real. Google me. I am here twenty-four hours a day, for anyone, anywhere.  Information, once disseminated, never completely disappears. I never completely disappear. I put up every photo I take, every thought I have, on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, my website, my blog. When that isn’t enough, I write letters to strangers on the internet, and then I take screen shots of those letters and put them on the internet. I write down stories about my life. I tell them to you. This is me, watching me, watching me. This is me.

Angela Regas recently finished a Master’s program in photography at The University of Iowa, where she took pretty photos of dead animals.  She still lives in Iowa City, where she spends her time writing, photographing, and playing Bejeweled on Facebook.

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