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What with all the technological wonders of the modern age, it is almost impossible to get people together — much less answer their emails. But Skewed Visions has achieved the impossible yet again. For no immediate monetary gain and with a few short electronic messages, human-based development work has begun.

This video is initial work — incomplete and with rough edges — for development purposes only. It is here so that collaborators can look at it and go, “O, I remember how that goes” or “make this part longer, do this here, and add one of those things after the hand part.” Eventually, when a piece arrives it might be interesting to view it in light of how things have evolved.

The coat and hat are stand-ins for eventual costume pieces, and the frame is a conceptual stand-in for eventual site architecture. Shot on September 13, 2010, this clip features Megan Mayer in stand-in costume elements and a stand-in environment. Wonderful work with Annie Enneking took place but does not appear here. More info here.

All performers are over 18 and appear by consent.

This work is not for your pleasure, it is for our mutual edification.

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