illegal risk to existential benefit ratio

Created by Jeremey Catterton, July 2010.

“illegal risk to existential benefit ratio” is a video filmed and edited with my iPhone, that has been graciously encouraged by Skewed Visions to realize for your entertainment. Initially, for me, the content of this video was not as important as the form that I had proposed. That is why the story of Mt. Agung was the last element to come together on this project; a short video born from my fascination with the limitations of truncated technologies and “antiquated” mediums. Because I truly enjoyed their limitations, in the 1990’s my video work began with VHS camcorders. I created videos without editing, that I was forced to shoot in sequential order. That is why I was drawn to making this piece, with the stipulation that I would solely use my iPhone to capture all audio and video. Editing this piece has been a unique challenge in how it has asked me to discover the limitations of my tools and then master them to best realize my vision. The easy part was going up the volcano.

Jeremey Catterton is the Artistic Director and founding member of Lamb Lays with Lion. He has produced and presented his original works at Minneapolis MN’s The Guthrie Theater, Austin, TX’s The Rude Mechanicals’ Off-Center, Seattle WA’s On the Boards, New York’s The Kitchen, as well as multiple venues in London, England and Bali, Indonesia. He attended Middlesex University for his Masters in Directing, the University of MN/Guthrie Theater BFA actor-training program, and the Interlochen Arts Academy.

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