On the Internet, Nobody Knows: CUBICLE2

Skewed Visions is now accepting proposals for audio/video works for the second season of Skewed Visions’ ongoing online podcast series. This year’s theme is “On the Internet, Nobody Knows” and explores ways the internet shapes our understanding of who we are.

In 1993 the New Yorker featured the now famous cartoon of a dog in front of a computer with the tagline, “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” Since then the internet has expanded in unforeseen directions, and the notions of identity, intimacy, socializing, networking, voice, security and privacy have taken on new meanings. For this season we are inviting proposals for online podcasts that address any of the above issues in a manner that engages both the audience and the medium and attempts to provide a high caliber artistic experience.

We are accepting proposals until August 16, 2010 to fill each of twelve monthly episodes. The first season of the series is available online now at Cubicle.


  • Video/audio pieces 8-15 minutes long to be downloaded from Skewed Visions’ website. Your proposal may include video and/or audio but the final podcast will have both — so if you have no audio it will be a silent picture show and if you have no video it will be a black screen with your sound. Still images, video, audio, design, animation, etc. are all acceptable.
  • The environment, context and form of the piece should be an important part of its realization.
  • Things to take into account beyond the theme include the facts that your audience will likely be someone watching alone on a computer screen, the nature and history of online video, as well as things computers do.
  • The series requests viewer donations of $5 per episode or $60 for the full season of twelve episodes. We will split the annual receipts equally between Skewed Visions and each episode’s artist (or team of artists). We plan to expand this funding in the future.


  • Idea: In a paragraph or so, let’s hear what you’ve got. How does your idea address the theme, the format? We’d like the proposal electronically and will accept paper, but we need to have a conversation about your ideas. We’d like a working title as well.
  • Include a short bio and resume with your contact info.
  • Timing: The season runs monthly from October 2010 – September 2011. Episodes are due the 15th of the month prior to airing. If you have conflicts, let us know.


  • DEADLINE for your proposal is August 16, 2010. Please send your materials to [email protected] Snail mail also accepted: 681 17th Ave NE, Studio 209, Mpls, MN 55413.
  • NOTIFICATION by August 30, 2010 if we will move forward with your proposal. If it is accepted we let you do your stuff. If it wasn’t accepted, try again next year: this is an ongoing project.
  • CHECK-IN Six weeks out (November 15 for a January 1 episode) we check in on how things are going with your piece. There will also be monthly meetings for those in town to meet the other artists and discuss the ongoing work.
  • DUE DATE. Two weeks before going live (December 15 for the January 1 episode) is the deadline for turning it over. The idea is to give us enough time for computers to explode (and format issues to be resolved) and yet still have the adoring public satisfied by a timely and artful podcast.

Thank you again for your interest. As always, your questions and suggestions are welcomed.

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