Strange Love (device)

Created by Sean Kelley-Pegg, September-October 2007.
Construction: Willis Bowman
Sound: Elliott Durko Lynch
Lighting: John Bueche

Notes on Strange Love (Device):
Growing up in the 1970’s, we all knew we were probably being watched. The threat of Soviet nuclear attack was imminent, and government monitoring was necessary to ensure the safety of the country. But Communism is dead; the Berlin wall has fallen, so why revisit an old film from the cold war? For me, our country’s fears of another 9/11 are being exploited in many similar ways. Surveillance has become an accepted social contract over email and in public places, far beyond anything that was acceptable during the cold war. Yet, strangely, we contribute to our own tracking by carrying GPS phones and posting to YouTube. As work on this installation proceeded, I became less attracted to the film’s nuclear themes and more interested in the contemporary culture of fear. For this project I recruited volunteers to put themselves under surveillance for a period of time. I wanted to see what contemporary reactions would be to a camera invading a person’s private space.

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