Days and Nights: A Quiet Ambition

Created and performed by Charles Campbell and Cherri Macht, April-May 2006.
Construction: Willis Bowman and Nick Howard
Lighting: Owen Moldow
Sound Assistance: Angela Sylvester

Text included excerpts from:
Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities
Julio Cortázar’s Cronopios and Famas
William Golding’s Lord of the Flies
Susan Sontag’s The Volcano Lover
Gillian Welch’s Winter’s Come and Gone

Notes on A Quiet Ambition:
Two people are discovered in a building.
One is lost, one is at home.
The building is lost on the edge of a vast city.
The city is adrift, floating on the sea.

In A Quiet Ambition audiences were drawn through rooms mapped by the geography of isolation and loneliness. The piece explored internal and external forces of choice and necessity, isolation and inclusion, and retreat and struggle that shape contemporary experience.

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