Leigh Bowery in polka dots, and on their face too Petri Dish: Screen by Stephen Magner & Rene Meyer-Grimberg Screening and Discussion POSTPONED at Fresh Oysters Performance Research Petri Dish: Screen POSTPONED Screening and Discussion at Fresh Oysters Performance Research The Legend of Leigh Bowery Leigh Bowery Rene Meyer-Grimberg The Legend of by Stephen Magner & 3PLAY three new works Petri Dish: 3PLAY curated for the studio POSTPONED Jaffa Aharonov Jules Bither & Claire King Dolo McComb at Fresh Oysters Performance Research . 3PLAY April 2020 7:00pm Felipe Mafasoli & Juliana Neves at Fresh Oysters Performance Research Alys Ayumi Ogura Maggie Zepp Man in Paper Suit from production SKEWED VISIONS IS... SKEWED VISIONS IS... SKEWED VISIONS IS... Woman in Rubble from production PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE Dolls sitting together from production CONVERSATION CONVERSATION CONVERSATION Man in sunglasses in a box from production EXPLORATION EXPLORATION EXPLORATION Woman moving table wildly CHALLENGE CHALLENGE CHALLENGE Man wrapped in paper towels from production AN IDEA AN IDEA AN IDEA

What we do

  • Foster rigorous, innovative, thoughtful artistic practice
  • Open possibilities for questioning the way things are
  • Impact the landscape of daily life
  • Expand notions of performance
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Performer + audience education + development

How we do it

Skewed Visions is member supported. Our independence depends on you.

For $35 per year, you make Skewed Visions possible. Without relying on big money or foundations, we can do what needs to be done. Plus, members get super-major discounts to performances and events.

Fresh Oysters Performance Research

is our shared space at 512 East 24th Street in Minneapolis

Shared with the exciting performance makers, Fire Drill and Anat Shinar, Fresh Oysters is where it all happens.

What they said

The impetus for EX came from grief. In the course of a year, Campbell lost his mother to Alzheimer’s and his sister to cancer. But with its dance sequences, non-linear or narrative structure and visual gags, EX isn’t maudlin or saccharine. EX is a quiet and meditative work, but one filled with palpable physicality, humanity and significance.

Carl Atiya Swanson -- Cake In 15

He Woke Up... is compelling and unusual theater, not easily forgotten. It’s performed by clever people tackling an important topic in an offbeat way.

Matthew Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

We rarely have any reason or ability to spatialize making do the way we did watching Losing Kantor. What felt poignant was the paradox of the apparent wish to know from that pitiable space of one’s own, sitting there next to others’, and the sphere of giant people and obscure behaviors outside so complete with difference and beyond comprehension.

Moheb Soliman - Criticism Exchange

From the video archive


(excerpts from May 2017 performance)
APPETITE was an experiment in performance made live in collaboration between Skewed Visions co-founder Charles Campbell and composer/sound designer Ted Moore. Inspired by sources as varied as Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle, Chris Marker’s sci-fi film-novel, La Jetee, the poetry of Vladimir Mayakovsky, and the principle of audio feedback, APPETITE manipulated story, sound, and image in performed space.
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