Petri Dish is a regular and perpetual series of discussions exploring the relationship between specific works of art — whether film, text, sound, or performance — and the process of thinking about and creating new work. Led by an artist each month, Petri Dish events are free, public, and supported by Skewed Visions members.


Screen is a recurring event in which artists show us films to watch and talk about. Exploring ideas and issues of art and art practice through particular instances, Screen is part of a perpetual conversation about art.

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Spring 2019
fresh oysters performance research

Curated by Skewed Visions founders, each 3PLAY  features new work by three artists. Three artists are given development time in the studio and asked to create short new work for this time and place. The evening is split into three 15-20 minute sections and followed by an open conversation between audiences and artists.