The next 3PLAY is coming April 8 at 7:00pm to Fresh Oysters Performance Research.

New work is important not only because it gives artists a chance to develop their skills and gives audiences exposure to different things, but because new work — especially the inter-/cross-disciplinary new work found in 3PLAY — is by nature an immediate, concrete, and accessible model of thinking differently. And that is what it’s all about.

Curated by Skewed Visions founders, each 3PLAY  features new work by three artists. Three times a year, three artists are given development time in the studio and asked to create short new work for this time and place. The evening is split into three 15-20 minute sections and followed by an open conversation between audiences and artists.

April’s 3PLAY features new work by local artists Yonci Jameson, Amal Rogers, and Morgan Veldhuizen.

Tickets available here.


August 2017

This 3PLAY featured new work by local artists Pedro Pablo Lander, Kaya Lovestrand and Holo Lue Choy.
(Preview #2) ‘No, forget it, I am sorry. There is no point in speculation.’

Created by Holo Lue Choy
Performed by Shayna Allen and Holo Lue Choy

No, forget it, I am sorry. There is no point in speculation.” was a series of pieces exploring jealousy, manipulation, and toxicity within relationships where boundaries are undefined. Inspiration is drawn from various forms of media which normalize both the causing and receiving of various forms of trauma, particularly domestic abuse. This was the second of three iterations, focusing on the intersections which abuse has with isolation and capitalism.

Created and performed by Erin Drummond & Holo Lue Choy

pharoh/ferrow (sic). c. breakout. (SIC_undefined). alt phrases. c. fulcrum. free-reign pharoh or d. breakout. torso or f/e. 8a1b22c3d2e1f2g4h1i8l4m1n3o9p1r7s5t2u4v.

Holo Lue Choy is a Minneapolis-based interdisciplinary performance artist and choreographer. She has danced with Voice of Culture and Ananya Dance Theatre, and serves as artistic director of WW/Harvest Performance Collective. As a performer, she has been in works by Rosy Simas, Pramila Vasudevan, Chris Schlichting, Carl Flink, Kenna Cottman, and Fire Drill, amongst other artists. Her work prioritizes the experiences of historically oppressed groups, especially transgender people and people of color, and how such identities affect the way one interacts with the world.

WW is a collective consisting of Holo Lue Choy, Shayna Allen and Sophie Keller devised in early 2016 with an intention of blending together their artistic aesthetics and brining multiple perspectives based in sociopolitical identities into research processes, often resulting in multiple narratives intersecting on stage. Their work together draws from core beliefs of intersectionality and combating medias simplification of identity politics through archetypes.

Noche Bomba
by Pedro Pablo Lander

Noche Bomba was an exploration of forms and of gender. Movement; expression; drag; social dance. Gender as fiction, socially constructed; gender as reality, the actual implications. Interweaving forms to construct specific imagery.

Pedro Pablo Lander (Ze, hir : he, him) is a Minneapolis based, Venezuelan artist. Ze currently works as a resident artist for the Pillsbury House Theatre and as a teaching artist with Upstream Arts. Since moving to the Twin Cities, Pedro has performed hir work at Walker Art Center, Red Eye Theater, Open Eye Figure Theatre.

by Kaya Lovestrand

A new movement study occupied by concrete poetry, Japanese literary forms, and the best kinds of nonsense.

Kaya Lovestrand is an artist currently living and working in Minneapolis, MN. She has performed with choreographers such as Kota Yamazaki, Dana Reitz, Gwen Welliver, Elena Demyanenko and Daniel Roberts in addition to creating her own work and dancing through her collaborative project Three Planes Collective. Her creative work has been influenced by internships with independent choreographers, dance companies, and other arts-based organizations around the United States and abroad. Her eagerness to always be learning new ways of making has lead her through many mediums other than dance, including printmaking, drawing, ceramics, woodworking, and bookmaking.

August 2016

Genius Child
by FishWife Theater Company (Jesica Springer + Jonah O’Hare-David)

One hundred and twenty years since Plessy v. Ferguson, and 62 years since Brown v. Board and our schools are still separate and unequal. Genius Child pulls it’s name from a poem by Langston Hughes. Hughes’s poem speaks to the way children’s intelligent minds are silenced, specifically the minds of black children. There is a long history of this which continues today. Through multiple disciplines Jade Gardner and Liv Hanson performed this piece about racial disparity in schools.


Bone Conditioning
by Robert Keo

Bone Conditioning developed from Robert’s relationships with women. This piece explored themes of sex, frustration, and sleeping on the couch. He still doesn’t get it.

Robert Keo is an artist/dancer who is inspired to tell stories through the lens of his personal narrative and our digital culture into mixed media dance performances. He has shown dance locally at the IDS Center, Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, and Walker Art Center. He is also interested in collaborating with artists in different mediums to create new work.

by Kelvin Wailey (Leila Awadallah, Emma Marlar + Laura Osterhaus)

Kelvin Wailey had been stuck in a rut of creating only mere hours before a performance. This method had proved successful, but plays on quick efficient decisions, almost always saying yes to every idea, and an anxiety to get the job done. In this case, it also places emphasis on the outcome. Given the space and time of 3PLAY, they explored the antithesis of these things, delving deep into our collected ideas, asking more questions than finding answers, and creating a more process driven work.

April 2016

Noah + Rubbish
by Six Families

Six Families is a collection of musicians that aims to create opportunities for both performers and listeners to participate in honest, thoughtful, and compelling experiences relating to sound/silence/song. They presented new work on keyboard, percussion, and cornet.


Theatre Arts (Sacrifice)
by Eric Larson (created in collaboration with and featuring Elizabeth Cooper, Neva Dalager, and Joe Kellen)

This piece crammed an evening-length piece into twenty minutes. The referenced piece, Theatre Arts, is a screwy history of student transgression in the Theatre Department at the University of Minnesota.

Eric Larson is a senior at the University of Minnesota studying theatre and cultural studies.

by Reb L Limerick, Jasmine Peck, and Hillary Price in collaboration with Max Kollman, Alex Julian Leeds, and Newme.

Silver Baby was a video, sound and performance installation imagining a world of ever-accelerating technology.

Reb L Limerick is a multi-media performance artist and first-year MFA candidate in the area of Interdisciplinary Art and Social Practice at the University of Minnesota.

October 2014

by Clark Bremer

Clark presented on Timber Frame Construction – buildings made of large timber fastened with traditional mortise and tenon joinery – no metal!

Clark Bremer is a former researcher at Bell Labs, and former VP of the Timber Framers Guild. Currently writing software again, he still teaches Timber Framing at the Guild, and North House Folks School.

Building Nixon’s Last Krapp
by Charles Campbell

A mash-up of Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape with the tapes of Richard Nixon and others invested in surveillance, inspired by a GIF found online.

Charles Campbell is a founder of Skewed Visions.

Innovation and Maintenance – Some Recent and Some Not-So-Recent Speculative Work
by Steven Epley

Steve Epley is a registered architect and LEED accredited professional who has worked in various aspects of the architecture and design field for twenty years. His work includes the design of buildings and building components, installations, speculative architectural design, scenic design, and public art.

June 2014

Written and performed by Lisa Channer (with Dan Dukich)
Directed by Carra Martinez

Based on R. Buckminster Fuller’s two day lecture entitled “everything I know” and Channer’s father’s 40 years as a cable news talk show host in Manhattan. It is about the ethics of parenting, failure in all forms and how to hold many ideas together at the same time.

Sh#t Muthaf#ckers in the American Theatre Say: a compendium on the banality of mediocre thought.
by Keli Garrett



Culinary Presentation: Dinner Exchange Americana
by Sandra Teitge

Sandra experimented with different ways of serving, eating, and discussing food & food waste.

January 2014

We Are Where 
by Blake Bolan
with Megan Clark, Hannah Holman, Laura Leffler-McCabe, and Mason Mahoney

We are where our minds take us. …
We are in this body. We are beside bodies we will never know. Sharing secrets that no one else can hear.

We are here, in this room. …

We are right now,
I am right here,
With you.

It’s the Dollars in Your Wallet, Waterloo, It’s the Way that You Talk
A new performance by Emily Gastineau and Billy Mullaney

Performed by Emily Ban, Ryan Colbert, Erika Hansen, McKenna Kelly-Eiding, Jacob Miller, Ross Orenstein, Kimberly Rhyme, Peter Rusk, Moheb Soliman and Garrett Vollmer, based on instructions given by Emily Gastineau and Billy Mullaney

It’s the Dollars in Your Wallet, Waterloo, It’s the Way that You Talk will put an end to theatre once and for all.

by Ted Moore

eclipse is a new work for tenor saxophone (played by Kyle Hutchins), live processing, and video/projection that explores the combination of live improvisation, generated soundscapes, and audio-controlled visuals.