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The Curator’s Cut – Notes

Friday, May 22, 2015.
Notes doors at 7pm, sound at 7:30pm.
presented by Blake Bolan

This month’s Notes will take place in the pop-up space at 512 East 24th Street in Minneapolis.

Blake says,

Laurie Anderson was originally trained as a sculptor, entering the realm of performance art in the late 60’s. She plays keyboards and violin as well as instruments of her own design; she is a storyteller and a musician, she has performed large-scale performances with a band and small-scale lecture-style performances with no music at all. She has recently curated a festival of Live Performance in New York City, made PSAs for New York television, and released 10 albums, with one of her songs reaching #2 on the UK pop charts.

I am fascinated and inspired by Laurie’s fluid movement between methods and modes of art-making, her longevity, and her drive. The root of my relationship with her work is the 1982 debut album Big Science, known as “minimalist and monochrome” – it was a studio album made up of selections from her 8-hour stage work United States Live. I return to it time and again, for pleasure and inspiration; it is wrapped up in nostalgia for me, but it also always feels fresh and vibrant. The stories feel contemporary, with only small details dating some of the songs. At the upcoming Notes, we’ll listen to Big Science and discuss relevance of form and content, both when it was first produced, and today.

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  1. hey charles- love this material- glad you are having this eveing.
    ernie and i hope to make it. xo

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