The Curator’s Cut – Notes

Friday, July 24, 2015.
Notes doors at 7pm, sound at 7:30pm.
presented by Charles Campbell

This month’s Notes will take place at 512 East 24th Street in Minneapolis.

Charles says,

Glenn Gould was one of those people who did things without much regard for how silly he looked. He “charted his own course,” as they say, and was quite successful at it. Once again, I’m jealous. Known mostly for his piano playing — again, idiosyncratic — he was fascinated with recording and broadcast technology after he quit playing concerts in 1964. Among the many things he did was to put together this hour-long piece about the northern parts of Canada.

The Idea of North is the first third of a trilogy of radio documentaries that are also musical compositions. The Solitude Trilogy, as the three are called, seem to approach an investigation into the sublime. But regardless of your enthusiasm for sublimity, The Idea of North resonates nicely with recent discussions of Minnesota as a North place.

Come for the cold, stay for the kooks.

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