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The Curator’s Cut – Notes

Friday, September 26, 2014.
Notes doors at 7pm, sound at 7:30pm.
presented by Moheb Soliman

Moheb says,

“As someone preoccupied with the limits of language in human expression and experience.
I have a volatile and vulnerable relationship with music and lyricists.

Momus is this bizarro po-mo electro Scottish musician. Wordy, pretty, raunchy, smarty…

His work is crazy to get to know because the likes of me would’ve never managed to love it or let it mean anything beyond avant-garde pop. Yet when that sorta junk can bring you to tears of joy or vice versa, you really get a new lease on what this business of music and songwriting is, how to relate. Are you the likes of me? Do you like Momus? If no and not, please come to my Notes session.”

One Comment

  1. hey charles- love this material- glad you are having this eveing.
    ernie and i hope to make it. xo

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